Cloud Readiness

Upgrade Or Retire Your Business Apps With The Right Cloud Solution

We take care of moving your business application to the cloud, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself. Moving into Digital Transformation can be a long process, at Marque360 we help identify the right workloads and critical business applications to move first and partner with you through the journey – right from assessment to rollout and Adoption through effective Change Management.

Cloud Assessment

Our Assessment and Planning toolkit helps accelerate migration through effective planning. Through discovery and detailed inventory reporting of web apps we provide a full roadmap to the cloud.

Design and Development

Keeping your IT transformation goals in mind, our dedicated Technical team will work with key stakeholders to design a reliable, user friendly and cost effective solution. Data migration strategy and execution is handled by this team to ensure continuity and smooth rollout.

Change Management

Managing organization change for smooth IT Transformation is key. Our Team provides a Change Management Strategy with ready to use email campaigns, Adoption Plan , webcast templates and Training aids.