Get more financial tracking from your scheduling tool with Financials360! The Financials360 app is built on the Power Platform giving users an interactive UI, automated functionality, and robust reporting capabilities. The app allows you to track your budgets on an individual project level and overall portfolio level.

Track multiple budget items in one tool:

  • Purchase Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Vendor Information
  • Resource Costs- Labor and Materials
Financials360 Screenshot 1
Financials360 Screenshot 2


  • Can be synced with any scheduling tool (Project Online, Project for the Web, Jira, Smartsheets, etc.)
  • Track multiple budget lines- CAPEX/OPEX with custom categories
  • Built-in forms allow all budget items to be captured and added to the budget in minutes
  • Portfolio level budget analytics- interactive filtering allows low-level and high level reporting views-*financials overview, financials details dashboards included.

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