Project for the Web For Global Change Management

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The solution includes an interactive timeline, built on the Power Platform and uses Project for the Web to manage all tasks related for any change initiative.

The Interactive Timeline App provides visibility of all change initiatives in one place and facilitates effective communication across the organization. Change Leads can manage all tasks in one platform and share it out with Employees. Employees can quickly find the information needed- training, related communication, can click on an activity in the timeline to learn more about the initiative, as well as “check” a box to indicate that the activity was completed. Change Management office can monitor compliance and ensure employee participation in change.

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Every single change initiative, project, communications from our CFO and anything related to a change effort occurring within the Finance Department, will be found in this tool. It’s a resource that helps us manage large initiatives and sub initiatives in one place!

Why Project for the Web for Global Change Management?

  • One central view of all change Initiatives using Marque360’s Interactive Timeline App
  • Employees can access App within Teams, Filter initiatives that impact them and review Training Materials all in one place
  • Change Leads can manage all Tasks with Project for the Web
  • Change Office benefits from higher compliance and improved employee experience
  • One source of Communication and sharing training videos through Microsoft Teams and Stream

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    Add-On Solutions

    Project Online to Microsoft Teams Connector

    Make Microsoft Teams the hub for all communication and collaboration. Project Teams can access Project Online data right in Microsoft Teams. This solution enhances user experience and enables all team members to be connected at all times.

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    Project Intake/Business Case Management PowerApp

    Project Intake Power App is integrated with Project Online and provides a platform for Project Intake and Business Case Management. Workflow is enabled in Microsoft Flow for easy approval and to enable Project Governance on one platform.

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    PPM360 for Project for the Web

    PPM360 is a Microsoft Project for the web pre-configured solution. The pre-configured solution provides a set of functionality- entities, integration with Teams and standard reports out of the box which makes set up and configuration cost effective and quick to deploy.

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