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Resource Management & Time Tracking

Our next webinar in the series will be Resource Management & Time Tracking. Recognizing the difference between utilization and burn-out can be difficult for project managers. With the Microsoft 365 platform, managing resources can be done in a variety of ways, all resulting in seamless visibility into the resource pool and schedules.

The Marque360 team will demo the best practices in managing resources in Project Online. But we will take it a few steps further! How can Teams and the Power Platform take your resource and project managers to the next level?

In this webinar , you will learn how to:

  • Keep project plans up to date
  • Approve logged time/ tasks in multiple platforms
  • Track task progress in Microsoft Teams


About Productivity Thursdays

Sponsored with Microsoft, the Marque360 team is hosting a series of free monthly webinars to share best practices on Project and Work Management utilizing the Microsoft 365 Platform.

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