Power BI Workshop

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Go from Data to Insights in Minutes

Create Interactive Dashboards and Reports with Power BI. Easy to use, drag and drop interface enables business users to create their own reports. With Power BI you can quickly go from data to insight to action by connecting hundreds of sources irrespective of where your data lives. If you are ready to empower your employees by providing them the right data at the right time for quick decision making, then Power BI is for you. Our certified Power BI experts will help you plan, design and rollout your reports in days vs. week. Take advantage of one of our interactive workshop offerings below and get started today.

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Transform data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues on any device

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Visually explore and analyze Data

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Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports.

Power BI in 3-5-10 Days

Start Up 3 Days Complete 5 Days Advanced 10 Days
Three Day Workshop Five Day Workshop 10 Day Workshop
Introductions to PBI Introductions to PBI Introductions to PBI
Hands-on report building Convert a simple Excel Report Review overall BI Strategy & Reporting Requirements
Convert a simple Excel report Convert one Med-Complex Report Build one complex report
SharePoint/Excel as Data source O365 Workload Integration
Knowledge Transfer Training and Knowledge Transfer

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